The End of and Endless Summer

October 1, 2019

What a Summer! Jess got through all her medical treatment and surgeries with flying colors! Our youngest got moved in to college. Our first born got moved into a new house. i enjoyed opening theater shows for Sonny Landreth and Paul Thorn. We had a blast in Colorado for the Frog Pond shows out there, including an epic Willie Sugarcapps show with no amplification on the banks of the Colorado River. I'm still part of Songwriting With Soldiers and we taped a show for PBS - I'm told it airs October 25! That was incredible and I can't wait for you all to see and hear that show. Got up to Ohio for killer shows, then over to Hilton Head for a private gig and some nice walks on the beach before the hurricane rolled in. And then it was Red Dirt Boys and solo/band shows at Sisters Folk Fest in Oregon (we missed Chris Donohue by every cloud has a silver lining and our silver lining in Oregon was Denny Bixby subbing more than admirably and sharing his boss Les Paul Special and dialed in 70s Princeton Reverb with me---and as added super bonus got to hang with Sally! And Susan! Wow! And then Summer - at least by the calendar - was over, although it was in the 90s for about 90% or September - was over. And along with that change of calendric season comes Americanafest. That behemoth of roots music that lands with a bang every September in Nashvegas. It was a doozy - and our shows were fab - especially the Red Dirt Boys' 3rd and Lindsley joint with American Hero Delbert McClinton and his band for the ages. Get this: we had Lisa Oliver-Gray, Louise Goffin and Laura Donohue on vocals! What a total blast. Played Sarah Potenza's Sunday School Gospel extravaganza - more than played - we were the house band! And it was a joy to back those killin' wailin' singers singin' for Jesus! And then we left for California---had a weird gig in LA (are gigs always weird in LA?) but hung with dear friends and laughed our faces off. Hiked canyons out West Malibu...went to the beach...looked for Joan Didion and John Gregory Dunne's 70s house out there...played the sweet Mill Pond Festival in Bishop California and took full advantage of the wonders of California Hwy 395 - hiked at 10,000 feet in the Eastern Sierra...hiked the desert at Red Rock Canyon...took in the psychedelic sunset at Mono Lake...immediately followed by Miss Jess' birthday (and we celebrated a lot: she's been through the wringer and stood up to it with courage and joie de vivre that only Miss Jessie can pull off!)...followed by a quick trip to play with Emmylou at the nice new City Winery in Philadelphia, which was lovely...came home to finish off a ton of recording work on wonderful new songs by Michael McDermott and Heather Vidal...and now headed back to Cali for an Emmylou show in Cerritos near Long Beach and of course the mother of all roots festivals, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park - and this year, I'm playing my own set: Friday Oct 4 3:40 PM Bandwagon Stage! See you there! Of course, Miss Emmy is closing it all out on Sunday at the big we'll see about 100,000 of ya there...oh and Frog Pond Sunday Social Season starts up Oct 13 in Silverhill Alabama...see your beautiful smiling faces there too...and Oct 14 Pascagoula I get to open for my dear friend Rodney Crowell, a national treasure and one of my dearest mentors in life/career....Love you Rodney! Oh snap! I also did Phil Madeira's Mercyland Songwriting Camp and that was fantastic! Y'all should check that out if you want to get creative and up your writing game...and have a lot of fun...

Ok folks, have a good one and see you in California

At Natalie's Columbus Ohio this Summer
At The Mint in LA this Summer

Oh Colorado, Indeed!

July 11, 2019

Hey, so my new video for "Hey Trouble" (which happens to be on my fabulous new album, "I Like it Down Here") premiered here:

Big thanks to! Huge hugs and thanks to Jim Demain and Price Harrison for directing and shooting the video, Joshua Britt for color grading, our superstar guest stars Gowa, Hayley and The Altered Statesman. That was a fun video to shoot. Our very own technicolor film noir.

Oh Colorado! Willlie Sugarcapps finally got to play that song last night at Muse Performance Space in the Boulder/Broomfield/Lafayette area. Great venue, great show! Headed up to the dude ranch for a private gig tonight, then we're way up at Trapper's Lake and Rancho Del Rio for our final Colorado shows. This has been an amazing trip, full of great music, renunions with dear friends, mind boggling drives and hikes...just a love fest all around.

Don't forget the Songwriting Camp is happening very soon in Hot Springs NC w/ Phil Madeira, Cindy Morgan and myself --- if you're a songwriter, or just want to enjoy and learn more about songwriting, this is going to be a wonderful week to remember!

Lots and lots of great stuff coming up...including an amazing Songwriting With Soldiers event...and shows, shows, shows...I'll be updating and reaching out --- I wanna see your smiling face at a show!

Oh Colorado!

peace and love,


Oh Colorado

June 30, 2019

It's been an amazing first half of 2019.

Got Miss Jess healthy.

"Southern Wind" won Song of the Year at the UK Americana Awards (I co-wrote the song with Dean Owens - it's the title track of his fine new album).

Shemekia Copeland's "America's Child" won Album of the Year and Best Contemporary Blues Album at the Blues Awards in Memphis.

Released "I Like it Down Here" to good reviews, lots of airplay and great shows.

I played on several new projects in the studio. I'll give a heads up when they get closer to release.

Headed to Colorado this week for 5 shows and one secret jam on a dude ranch!


July 5 Rancho Deluxe at Avogardo's in Fort Collins

July 6 Rancho Del Rio Saturday Night Social on the Colorado River

July 10 Willie Sugarcapps Muse Lafayette, CO (Denver/Boulder area show!)

July 12 Willie Sugarcapps Trapper's Lake, CO

July 13 Rancho Del Rio Saturday Night Social on the Colorado River


July 21-25 Songwriting Workshop in Hot Springs NC w/ Phil Madeira and Cindy Morgan!


Great stuff coming up!

Come see me!

Peace and Love!


Does anybody read these blogs?

March 18, 2019

Hey kids rock n roll rock on.

Wondering if anyone reads a blog anymore.

Feel like these have gone out in a vacuum.

Email me if you want me to continue blogging -

I mean, I'll continue posting news. Just wondering if anyone gives a rat's ass if I blog.

Been packing up Kickstarter Backer Rewards as fast as I can - some of them take a bit of time to put together - and shipping for a tiny home business such as mine, well it is unforgiving. Luckily my Backers are a patient and kind group of folks. Anyway, getting it done.

Which reminds me, I need to hit the post office!

See you in Live Oak, Florida this weekend for Suwannee Springfest w/ the one and only DADDY Duo!

-- Will

I'm Not Running Away

March 8, 2019

My new single, I'm Not Running Away, is released today---we made a cool acoustic video of it:

(thanks to Sean Sullivan and The Butcher Shoppe Studio, to Jim Demain and Price Harrison---great video!)

Wide Open Country debuted the song:

And Music Fog just posted THIS video of the title track!

This would certainly qualify as a red-letter day!

The new album will be released April 19, 2019.

So excited about it all! Shows coming up. Kimbrough household getting healthy and healed! Nothing but good stuff---keeping our eyes on the future and living in the present!


Been in the studio all week at Skinny Elephant in East Nashville (Dylan Alldredge's awesome place) with Irish Singer Songwriter Ben Reel---thrilled to be playing and creating as well with ace drummer Evan Hutchings and E Street Band veteran Garry Tallent on bass! I'm a lucky guy!


Just checking in folks...lots going on --- getting those Kickstarter Backer Rewards filled --- taking pre-orders now for the new album --- getting press and radio mailouts ready --- gearing up for all the shows coming up --- got sessions too, and doing some writing. Life is amazing, ain't it?

hope you all had a happy Mardi Gras!

Peace and Love!


New Video!

February 27, 2019

Went in to The Butcher Shoppe Studio the other night in Nashville's Germantown neighborhood, with Sean Sullivan recording, Jim Demain and Price Harrison filming---shot a few acoustic videos of some of my favorite songs from this new album, "I LIke it Down Here" (4/19). Kickstarter Backers and Partners will get their downloads, Vinyl, CDs, Tees and Hats first---but on 4/19, it's released to the public---we've already released "Hey Trouble" and "Alabama (For Michael Donald)" as a digital single---so give a listen wherever you stream music! Meanwhile, here is a live acoustic version for you to enjoy:

Have a beautiful day!


Rolling Rolling Rolling!

February 20, 2019

Had a couple of singles drop this week, so if you missed it---

I got written up in Rolling Stone! Here is the link:

One song is pure fun -- playing with language and musical forms --- putting blues language to music that pays tribute to the late great Tom Petty and his great band, The Heartbreakers. That's "Hey Troube".

"Alabama (For Michael Donald)" is a heavy story song --- the ghost of Michael Donald tells his story in song form --- audacious, I know --- but after all I learned reading Laurence Leamer's book "The Lynching", I knew I would write about it. Dean Owens (ain't it just peachy that we won UK Americana Song of the Year for "Southern Wind"?!) sent me a little melody and he kept singing (in and Edinburgh brogue) - "Alabama...Alabama..."

Give a listen or several!

What a great whirlwind I'm on...!

My first Cayamo Cruise was mind bogglingly wonderful! Jess got to come with! We had sweet beach days in Montego Bay and Costa de Maya! Jess got to see Kasey Chambers TWICE! They are, of course, now best of friends. I got to play with Emmylou twice! Red Dirt Boys had two shows! My solo band show was one of my faves EVER. Songwriting workshop with Phil Madeira was awesome---I played guitar and sang at Brady Blade's drum workshop! Sat in twice with Steve Poltz (have you heard his new record yet??? Do yourself a favor and GET IT). Sat in with the Wood Brothers! Man...just pure joy.

Headed for San Diego this weekend to open for my brilliant friend Steve Poltz at the Bellyup Tavern in Solana Beach! No doubt I'll be sitting in on his show too...rumor has it Dan Bern and the Rugburns will make appearances???!!!!!!!

HEY! I don't want to forget to let y'all know that "Americanitis" and "Sideshow Love" are back in print---working on "Live at Coast" and "Godsend"! But if you've never heard those records---grab one from me this weekend. Sure seems like time for "Americanitis" to be heard again...and "Sideshow Love" is one of my all time's like soap--shampoo for your dirty soul---the other is like conditioner---Human Conditioner!

All right, I gotta run---there are SO MANY details to keep up with right now! lord have mercy....but Jess is healthy! Our kids are pretty much growed up and thriving! I have a new record coming out!

And...I might just have a few copies of the Red Dirt Boys' special "Cayamo Edition" CDs with me as well---so while I can't sell "I Like It Down Here" until the Kickstarter Backers' Rewards are all shipped---and that is going to start up next week!!!---I will have the Red Dirts' spankin' new music ---I'll have "Americanitis"---I'll have "Sideshow Love" . and more. But mainly---come to a show as soon as possible---let's get together and feel all right!

Frog Pond shows coming up...release show at Eddie's Attic in Atlanta APRIL 19! Working on other release shows in Nashville, etc.

Peace and Love to all!!


Been a Minute!

January 22, 2019

So much news...! Where to begin..?! OK...those of you who know that my dearest better half has been ill...and those of you who don't---well, she's doing great! We've gotten nothing but good news, and that's really great! So thanks for your prayers, gifts, benefit shows, visits, meals...we are humbly grateful and ready to rock n roll!

My new album, "I Like it Down Here", is in manufacturing---vinyl records...CDs, tees, hats, posters--the manufacturing is happening---the record sounds and looks great! Getting ready for shooting some video, etc...getting dates on the books so y'all can hear me play these new songs and you can get your copies.

Kickstarter Backers and Partners come first! You guys will get your stuff and all will be well in the world!

I have tour dates coming in, beginning with Nashville, TN, Wednesday Jan 23--I'm special guest with James House and the Blues Cowboys at City Winery Nashville! If you haven't heard James' new blues incarnation, you've probably heard his songs on Joe Bonnamassa's massive hit records. Anyway, I've been playing on James' blues stuff---good Lord can that guy sing his brains out! And what a great song writer...but y'all already knew that---anyway, come see us!

And January 31---another Nashville appearance!---Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge (the name alone makes ya wanna go there!) with Lisa Oliver-Gray and Tommy Womack---which means both Mama AND DADDY gonna rock it out til it begs for mercy. Right? Right! So be there!

And then I'm going on that renowned Cayamo Cruise to play solo, to play with The Red Dirt Boys (did I mention that WE ALSO FINISHED OUR GREAT RED DIRT BOYS ALBUM RECENTLY??!!) and to play with the one and only Sweetheart of...the Sweetheart of Everyone and Everything, including the Rodeo---Emmylou Harris! Who knows who else I might jam with? It's going to be a blast---you may see me with a tan for the first time since 1977!

And on and on from there...Very excited about this new year. Big Doin's in 2019. Huzzah!

November Rain

November 9, 2018

My show in East Tennessee - the show I was going to play tonight! - is being rescheduled. So stay tuned.

I hope all is well. Lots of big news here - the new album - "I Like it Down Here" is mixed (big thanks to the brilliant Brad Jones and Alex the Great Studio!) - mastered (kudos to Jim Demain at Yes Master! and Cameron Henry at Welcome to 1979 - it's mastered for Digital, CD and Vinyl and it sounds great.

Artwork in process. Proofreading credits. Great cover image shot by Chad Edwards at New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival a little while back.

Soon there will be boxes upon boxes of CDs, Vinyl Albums, Tees, Hats, Posters in our home. It will make me smile and drive Jessica crazy. And we will start packing boxes and mailers with all the Kickstarter Backers' Rewards! Pretty darn exciting if I do say so myself.

Shows coming up after a much needed break from the road - I worked about 40 days in a row between late September and early November - crazy, I know, but in my line of work you do these periods of work bingeing---who wouldn't want to tour with Willie Sugarcapps, play with Shemekia Copeland, Webb Wilder, Bill Lloyd, DADDY, sing "Street Fighting Man" with Freedom Sings at the Bluebird Cafe, play festivals in Appalachia and Southern Florida with DADDY and Brigitte DeMeyer, tour with Emmylou Harris, play my BFF Eric Stracener's record release show in Mississippi, play a festival in the woods by the Coosa River with Willie Sugarcapps, the Frog Pond with Corky, Grayson, Ray Bonneville and Cary Hudson, sessions with my dear friends Daughters of Justice, write with American Heroes in Colorado at a Songwriting With Soldiers retreat, and play Meeting of the Minds Festival in Key West---all in a 40 day period? Who wouldn't want to see if they could pull it off? Guess what? I pulled it off!

So now there's a bit of time to get the new album ready for manufacturing, to get my team on the same page --- radio promotion, publicist (one for the album, one for the tour), booking shows, making the tees, hats, posters, stickers...and of course playing more shows and playing more recording sessions along the way!

Life is crazy and we'll be facing some health challenges over the next few months - more on that later - but The Kimbroughs will pull through with flying colors like we always do.

Hey I made a really cool video with Brad Jones at Alex the Great -

"It's a Sin" from "I Like it Down Here" - but there's a really interesting catch---this is a totally different totally live vocal recorded with the cameras rolling - one of a kind on the spot performance. Kinda soulful don't you think? Anyway, I love this song.

I was getting ready to make the drive down to Monroeville, Alabama. Yes, that literary hamlet in Lower Alabama, hometown of Truman Capote, Harper Lee and Mark Childress. The promoter of the show I was going to play asked, at the last minute, if I had any songs inspired by Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird". I said no I don't, and promptly wrote "It's a Sin". The recorded version pays tribute to another iconic Alabama creative institution - the country soul sound Rick Hall and the Swampers cooked up in Muscle Shoals about 50 years ago --- Fame, Muscle Shoals Sound --- Roger Hawkins, David Hood, Spooner Oldham, Jimmy Johnson, Eddie Hinton, Barry Beckett and many other musical heroes --- not to mention the artists who went down there to soak up some of the laid back soulful vibe: Aretha, Otis, The Wicked Pickett, Dylan, Paul Simon, etc etc. Anyway, I pay tribute to both literary and musical Alabama here on a song that could just as easily been a Hank Williams waltz. I hope you like it half as much as I do (cheers Hank).

See y'all at Art Jam in Selma with Willie Sugarcapps Friday November 23. See y'all at The Frog Pond in Silverhill, Alabama Sunday November 25 (pretty epic show: Gurf Morlix, Abe Partridge, Grayson, Corky, Gram Rea!).

Ok have a great rest of November - I'll be here working on my new album and working on various projects in various studio. Watch me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and right here at

Spread Love. Create Peace where you go.



AmericanaFestiveness! 2 Days Left Kickstarter! Film at 11!

September 13, 2018

It's Thursday, do you know where your AmericanaFest Badge is?

2 days left for you to become a Kickstarter Backer! Here is the link: Will Kimbrough "I Like it Down Here

Make my day. Click that link. My goal is 500 Backers and I'm close to 400. There are benefits to being a Backer. Click that link.

So a bunch of great artists were honored at the Awards show at the Ryman last night. I was the unlikely recipient in 2004 of the Instrumentalist of the Year Award---giving rise to the strange rumor that I am an Instrumentalist.

I have enjoyed catching up with friends from Sweden, Alabama and California, etc---that's the underlying beauty of events like AmericanaFest---it brings people together from all over for the common love of great music.

I will say I had my heart set on Mary Gauthier (and ace producer Neilson Hubbard --- wait til you hear HIS amazing "Cumberland Island" album!) winning for her masterpiece "Rifles & Rosary Beads"

But big congrats to the titanic Jason Isbell and his equally monolithic producer Dave Cobb for their high level of artistry and its attending success.

Oh, and John Prine, who I first paid to see when i was 13 years old---he deserves an award every day of every year.

Molly Tuttle kills and she's a REAL Instrumentalist! What about Guthrie Trapp some damn day!!??

Excited to play tonight with my dear friend and personal heroine Shemekia Copeland---talk about Album of the Year! "America's Child" is ridiculously great---and not because I produced and such---she's just great and the songs are great (speaking of John Prine and Mary Gauthier...). City Winery Nashville 7:30PM

Playing with my dear dear pal Tommy Womack tonight at 10:25PM Radio Cafe East Nashville----dare I call it DADDY the Duo?

Playing the Bluebird Cafe with my friends Webb Wilder and Bill Lloyd tomorrow night---Friday the 14th 6PM---I know, I know...ya can't get tickets! When are they gonna expand that Bluebird to a 200 seater?

And Saturday Sept 15...I have three shows---more on that later!

Me Playing Guitar Somewhere Sometime!

Peace & Love!


Only 3 Days Left For Kickstarter!

September 12, 2018

There are 3 days left to become a Kickstarter Backer! I have shared a whole slew of previously unreleased songs---not songs from my new album---songs you've never heard before---and a couple of completely different versions of previously released songs (one Will & the Bushmen song, one Willie Sugarcapps song). There are many other great Rewards for Backers as well---AND---if you are a Backer, you get the music FIRST.

Happy to report that it's going incredibly well---my goal is 500 Backers and that is going to be difficult to reach in only 3 days---but I believe it will happen---look, it only takes $10---Ten Bucks---to become a Backer---so what do you have to lose? Well, if you don't become a Backer, you don't get the previously unreleased songs---that's a big one. If you DO become a Backer, you get the songs, you get the new album situation.

The Link:

See y'all Thursday night, Sept 13, at City Winery Nashville with the great Shemekia Copeland at 7:30PM! At 10:25PM that same night I'll be in East Nashville with Tommy Womack jamming on DADDY tunes!

Friday Sept 14 I'll play the world-famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville with my dear friends and genius songwriters/pickers Webb Wilder and Bill Lloyd---6PM Show!

Saturday Sept 15 is a banner busy bee on a Saturday! 11AM I open Grimey's Americanarama---the last show of its kind at the 8th Ave Grimey's!!! Bittersweet! Don't miss it! BAND SHOW!

2:20PM I'll be at White Ave Studio in Nashville for the Music of Mobile Showcase---I'll be proudly joining with my fellow Lower Alabama artists Eric Erdman, Ross Newell (of the Mulligan Brothers), Molly Thomas and Rare Birds (could that be the great Rick Hirsch of Wet Willie??), Lisa Mills and Paw Paw's Medicine Cabinet! Amazing lineup and not just your average everyday Americana---this is the real deal from Hank Williams' neck of the woods!

8PM have your butts at City Winery and be prepared to shake that tail feather to a full band DADDY Show! Lord Have Mercy!

Sunday Sept 16 I'll be at Ascend Amphitheater with the one and only Emmylou Harris and her Red Dirt Boys for Woofstock! Uh...hello?! John Hiatt, Lee Ann Womack, Jamey Johnson, Tommy Emmanuel, Jerry Douglas, The Lone Bellow, Ashley Monroe, Elise Davis, Margo Price and John Paul White are playing, too?? Holy Rolling Jesus Lord! I guess I'll be seeing EVERYBODY at that one.

At Bowery Vault Last Night, 1st Americanafest Show of 2018---with the Wild Ponies for WSM the World's Greatest Radio Station!

OK Peace & Love!


#EmmylouHarris #JohnHiatt #LeeAnnWomack #JameyJohnson, #TommyEmmanuel #JerryDouglas #TheLoneBellow #AshleyMonroe #EliseDavis #MargoPrice #JohnPaulWhite #ShemekiaCopeland #TommyWomack #Grimeys #EastNashville #Nashville #Americanarama #Americanafest

Final Week of Kickstarter! Americanafest!

September 9, 2018

It's the final week of this "I Like It Down Here" Kickstarter:

For as little as $10 you can become a backer, be sure to get the music first, and choose from a good selection of backer rewards. Take a look. Thanks.

Americanafest is upon us. Impressive lineup. Lots going on. I have a bunch of shows and such. It's going to be great. See you there! Here. In Nashville.

Have a great week. I'll be checking in. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter and consider becoming a Backer---if you have already, thanks. See you at the Fest.

with Lisa Oliver-Gray, Tommy Womack, Bryan Owings and Kevin Hornback at Douglas Corner last night!

Peace & Love



September 8, 2018

7 days left in the Kickstarter Campaign----September 15 is the last day. My goal of 500+ Backers is reachable---but only if you become a Backer---

For as little as $10 you can become a Backer---do you know I've released quite a few previously unreleased songs to my Kickstarter Backers? And Backers will get the music before the general public. There are a bunch of cool rewards. Check it out! Share it with a friend.

Americanafest is coming up---what a week it always is...! In 2004 I was delightfully shocked to be named Instrumentalist of the Year at the Awards show. I've gotten to perform on the awards show several times---and alway play as part of the festival. If you're planning to be in Nashville, take a look at my tour dates page and come out to a show! This year I'll have the pleasure of performing with DADDY, Shemekia Copeland, Emmylou Harris, the Wild Ponies, Lisa Oliver-Gray and as a solo artist---one true solo performance, one with my band!

And there are lots of tour dates outside of Nashville coming up---including Frog Pond shows, an Emmylou Harris tour and much more.

Life is too good. I love it. Have a beautiful weekend. See you tonight---early---6PM---Douglas Corner, Nashville TN---for a super fun show w/ Lisa Oliver Gray and Tommy Womack, playing our songs plus a few choice covers with the great Kevin Hornback on bass and "Fleetwood" Bryan Owings on drums---we're going to groove and rock...and roll too, baby.

Peace & Love


(photo by the amazing Stacie Huckeba!)

Song by Song - Installment Three - I Like it Down Here

August 26, 2018

Song by Song

Installment Three

I Like it Down Here

Wrote this because I had fallen in love with playing the Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm in Lower Alabama.  I was either headed for or leaving there, and the spirit moved me to write something like maybe JJ Cale would have written - after all, he won't be writing any more.  So I wanted to paint a Very Southern Picture.  With the lyrics.  With the music.

"She asked me when's the bad luck stop?

When do we rise to the top?

It's awful hard work pulling up the rear"

This is a blues that's a whole lot less "my woman left me" and a whole more "bat chain pullers and the shiny beasts", if you catch my drift.

"I want a woman with a face like a question mark

Who cleans up good when it's nice and dark

In a railroad flat with a monkey called Belvedere

I like it down here"

The art of exaggeration is part of storytelling---and this story is chock full of it.  It's the title track to my new album.

I really do like it down there---way down South---but I'm not the guy in this song.  I'm pretty boring by comparison.  But I love this song and I'm very happy it is on this new record.  Chris Donohue on bass, Bryan Owings on drums.  I played my old Fender Jaguar on here (thanks Bill Stagg!) and it sounds appropriately noirish.  Princeton Reverb, anyone?

So get into this Kickstarter - I have the lofty goal of 500+ Backers.  Here is the link:

Thanks to Jason Stewart and the good people of Louisville, Mississippi for such a wonderful show last night downtown. As always, a soul-filling blast playing with Grayson Capps and Corky Hughes.

Peace and love


Song by Song - Installment Two - I'm Not Running Away

August 24, 2018

I Like It Down Here

Song By Song

Installment Two

I’m Not Running Away

I have been on the road pretty much since I graduated from Murphy High in Mobile Alabama.  So my people have had to live without me a lot of the time.  

It’s a strange life.  I’ll never forget Tom Petty talking about it in the Running Down a Dream Documentary.  It hit me like an arrow to my heart.  

But this really is what I’m cut out for.  I mean, I am really good in the studio, and I write good songs…But performance—the immediacy—the interaction—to be honest, the improvisation, whether it by musical or situational—I need that too.

But life is real and we think about our lives.  So I’m constantly trying to make my life make sense in my mind.  Don’t we all do that?  I know I do.  

So this song came out as an explanation…an excuse?  

I’m not running away

I’m just running

I never could sit still for very long

It’s not the highway calling me

Or the wild blue yonder

It’s just a chance to pick a while and sing a song

On a personal level—when I say I always did like running in the song—I’m being literal—I wish I could run 10 miles a day—I used to!  But my legs won’t let me.  

Hell, my schedule won’t let me.  But I always loved moving fast, on my feet and in a vehicle.  And I’ve been given ample opportunity.

But Jessica and I have been raising a family for 23 years.  Married 25 years.  Kids.  Mortgage.  College tuition.  The American Dream:  we actually live it.  We don’t take it for granted.  

So this song, lyrically, is a bit of soul searching by an old road warrior.  Have I chosen the right path?  Why am I the way I am?  

Musically, it’s classic country rock—somewhere between the Stones and the Byrds.  That makes me happy.  

Anthony and Savana—Sugarcane Jane—-also of one Willie Sugarcapps—are singing and Anthony is playing pedal steel.  Did you know he plays pedal steel?  What doesn’t he play? 

 Thanks for considering becoming a Kickstarter Backer.  

Here is the link:

Have a good one.  

Peace & Love,


Early Frog Pond Days...

I Like It Down Here - Song by Song - Pt 1: Hey Trouble

August 23, 2018

I Like It Down Here - Song By Song - Installment One: “Hey Trouble”

This is most likely the opening cut on “I Like It Down Here”. 

I wrote it with Rich McCully in my home studio one fine day a while back.  I told him I was interested in writing a song that had 100% blues language and 100% catchy rock music.

Rich said, sure, let’s do that.So I played an E minor chord and sang, “I woke up this morning…”

Rich played an A dominant seventh chord and sang, “And my good girl was gone…”

Me:  “A black cat crossed my…path…no…mind!”

Rich:  “I ain’t superstitious…”

Me:  “But I’ve thinking…”

Rich:  “I was born on the wrong side”

We realized this song was going to take a decidedly Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers direction.  I’m so glad this happened, especially now that we’ve lost the great man himself. We knew this kind of song would have to have a great chorus and go right into it—so we thought of where a blues might go. 

We decided wherever it would go, it would go by train. 


And the train has left the station

And it’s gone on down the line

Heaven knows I’ve been forsaken

I’ve got trouble by my side

Hey Trouble

Let’s go for a ride

This is wonderful blues language:  the train is gone—is his woman on it, or did he leave town on the train?  He’s forsaken; with only one friend—trouble.

I love this song as an album opener, and I can’t wait for you to roll the windows down on a Spring morning and blast this in the car while you head out on a road trip. 

Track notes include the fact that Dean Owens of Edinburgh, Scotland sang marvelous harmonies.  I played acoustic and electric guitars, 12 string electric guitar (a tip of the hat to Mr Petty and Mr Campbell!), harmonica…Bryan Owings and Chris Donohue are the fantastic rhythm section.

This is going to be a fun road trip.

Here’s the link:

I have only had one person tell me they’ve had trouble becoming a Backer/Partner --- and we've resolved the problem—it seems to be easy—take a look—for as little as $10, you become my Partner and Patron…my Backer…in exchange, you choose from the many rewards I’m offering…you get the music first…Soon I’ll also be sending Backers some exclusive music and content that only Backers will get…stay tuned!  

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Remember when I looked like this??

500 Backers - Getting There! - No Depression!

August 20, 2018

The great No Depression Magazine has given my Kickstarter Campaign for the new album some much appreciated ink:

As of this writing, I am at 260 Backers! Doing easy math, I can see that I now seek 240 more Backers. That's right---240 more of you are going to get these new songs first, and choose from a whole slew of excellent Backer Rewards. Visit my Kickstarter page:

I thank you for you consideration. You can read in previous blogs why raising $20,000 helps the project so much more than $10,000---and of course, $30,000 is even better. Not because the money will go to support the family here at Chez Kimbrough; instead, "I Like It Down Here" will have proper publicity, radio promotion & posters to promote its release. I hope for my best release publicity and more radio play than ever before. For the first time since the 1st Willie Sugarcapps album, I will release on vinyl---top quality vinyl with world class mastering---this kind of work does not come cheap. So I will begin the touring in support of this new album with proper promotion and highest quality vinyl. And yes, all those things do cost that much. Just the facts, ma'am.

In addition, we'll be shipping out rewards---CDs, Vinyl, Tees, Hats, handwritten lyrics, etc---to the Backers---I hope there are 500 rewards to be shipped---that's a lot of shipping---but it'll happen properly and in a timely fashion---and this record will already be a success upon release. I love that. Do you realize how great it is for an independent artist and household breadwinner to release a new album in the black?! It is a wonderful thing.

I thank you in advance for this privilege.

OK---kudos to existing Backers!---welcome to new Backers!---potential Backers...get into this!

Got to run...see you on TV Wednesday morning in Nashville---I'm playing with my friend Rod Picott --- a couple of great songs from his great album "Out Past the Wires" --- on local TV here in Nashville---I'll update with info as soon as I have it.

See you in Louisville, Mississippi for the Down on the Corner Out in the Street concert with Grayson Capps and Corky Hughes this Saturday August 25. Show is downtown and free. Come on out, Tupelo and Starkville!

peace and love! ---> Will

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August 18, 2018

August 18, 2018

I'm going for 500+ Backers on this #Kickstarter Campaign:

You can read my post about what I am funding---you see, it's the post-production that actually costs the most to the independent artist. But the wonderful thing about living in this time for and independent artist is this: The digital world lets us connect directly with fans and patrons, backers and partners. Crowdfunding allows us to directly fund projects through sharing in the actual process of taking the process from beginning to release.

For someone like me, who has been through quite a few of the various experiences of living and working a musical artist's life, this is fantastic.

I was in a band, Will and the Bushmen, who released a 7 song cassette EP called "Gawk", a 2 song 7" 45 of "500 Miles" and #AlexChilton tribute "Dear Alex", then the cassette EP was fleshed out into a 10 song LP by Tuscaloosa, Alabama's Mustang Records (Happy Birthday, Rob Trucks!)---all of these releases got great support from college radio (which was a bigger deal, sadly, than than it is now. We got great press---Spin Magazine, College Music Journal (which actually was a thing, and it actually helped your band), lots of newspaper reviews...and most importantly, word of mouth from fan to fan, musician to musician. We toured constantly (I still do...!). We moved to Nashville. A manager took us on. Major record labels started sniffing around. We drove to New York City several times just to play for the record companies---Island, Atlantic, Sire---as a record geek, I was thrilled to know that the labels of U2, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin (RIP!!!!!), The Ramones, The Pretenders, The Flaming Groovies...these labels wanted to hear OUR BAND. Eventually, we were signed to a Capitol/EMI label, SBK Records---I was once again, in my geeky little mind, thrilled to be on the Beatles' label! Later, I was slightly horrified to be label mates with Vanilla Ice, Wilson Phillips and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But our A&R guy was a cool old stoner, who thought the Bushmen would be the "next" Buffalo Springfield or Lovin' Spoonful.

Fun facts. But the label moved on to more commercial pastures. And the Bushmen moved out to pasture. I love that band, i love that I was part of something that folks recall with fondness. We did rock n roll many a night away in the rock clubs. We wrote some damn good songs. We had way too much fun.

But while we were in the cheese grater that is known as the record business, I was not real comfortable with guys in Miami Vice suits telling us how we should sound. I argued back as best as my 24 year old self could argue with wizened New York record biz veterans. My Southern boy/nice guy techniques were not very effective compared to these Bronx-raised, Brill Building hustlers---don't get me wrong, I admire what these guys have accomplished, including a bunch of killer music that lives on---The actual Lovin' Spoonful (although John Sebastian told me, when we met in Woodstock in 1989, upon hearing me say who we were signed with, "Keep you wallet firmly stapled to your ass"), Blondie, Marshall Crenshaw, Richard Hell and the Void Oids, "My Boyfriend's Back", "I Want Candy", Lou Reed's "New York" stuff to me. Nevertheless, I was uncomfortable with folks who didn't want to let us make rawer, rougher music than the music we eventually released---in retrospect, we did pretty well. It holds up just fine.

But now I can do things the way I want to. And that's beautiful. Get into this Kickstarter Campaign. For as little as $10 you can by my partner and help me see this project live up to its potential.

Thanks and peace...


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The Road to 500

August 17, 2018

This is what being an independent artist is all about:  creating new work and engaging with your patrons.  And that’s what you are:  patrons of the arts (and, as Grayson would say, pillars of the community).  It’s an exchange of ideas and emotions.  No one is likely to get rich.  No one is going to get hurt.  No one is going to get screwed.  Together we create a small flurry of commerce:  I write a batch of songs, I record them with my friends, who I pay as much as I can afford.  I launch a crowd funding campaign.  I raise the funding through the partnership, patronage and collaboration of backers.  I give the recordings to a very skilled friend to mix.  I take those mixes to a very skilled friend for mastering—one for digital, another for vinyl.  I commission artwork, photography, graphic design.  I hire publicists, one for touring, one for the new album.  I hire radio promotion, so the songs have a shot at getting on the air.  I commission tee and hat designs, and have the shirts and hats manufactured.  I pay all these fine people for their fine work.  I pay the manufacturers for the goods they have made.  Then packing and shipping to all the Kickstarter backers.  As my late great Daddy would say, it ain’t no small time operation.  And yet it is a very small business.  And that is what being an independent artist is all about.  Making this dream come true.  And so it shall be:  “I Like It Down Here” will come into existence, with the backing of some very loyal and special friends.  I'm hoping for 500 very loyal and special backers.

Peace and love y’all.


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Getting There!

August 16, 2018

215 Backers on Kickstarter as of 7:30PM tonight---that is very encouraging. I'm seeking to reach 500 backers by the end of this Kickstarter Campaign. So consider sharing the link---

Thanks for that...And yes, the Fiesta Red Stratocaster is up as a backer reward. Yep, the guitar that took me all the way from Ground Zero at Doctor Feelgood's in Mobile to Will and the Bushmen at CBGB in NYC to Austin City Limits guessed it...Austin. I'd love to keep it around. The neck of that guitar is so comfortable in my hand...It's kind of like home...But---I'm an artist who releases new music into the world, and it's high time I released "I Like It Down Here" into the world---it's been a prolific time---but this record has been growing in my heart and mind for years. So get into the Kickstarter, let's get to 500 backers before September 15th!

And I'll see you in Mississippi real soon...

Peace and Love


Thanks Texas! Kickstarter News! Shemekia! More!

August 13, 2018

That's my Kickstarter Link.

I'm still at it. I made my goal early. In addition, it occurred to me that my #Kickstarter Campaign for "Sideshow Love" had over 400 backers and partners.  I'm only human; of course I want to equal or increase the number of backers for THIS project! In addition, I now have access to better promotion of this album, and access to world-class vinyl mastering for this music so near and dear to my heart. So it only makes sense to keep plugging away to meet my new goals: 500 backers, the best promotion I've ever had for a collection of songs, and killer-sounding vinyl records.


A huge thank you to the music lovers of #Texas who came out and made my shows so wonderful! I saw old friends. I ate tacos. I drove over 2000 miles. I'm slightly worn out but full of #Gratitude and #humility.


Next stop is a free show in Louisville, Mississippi w/ Grayson and Corky---that should be a blast. August 25---on tour dates page of this website!


Then on Labor Day Weekend, Willie C Sugarcapps will play 4 shows ---- Nashville, the St Louis area, Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and Atlanta --- you heard me right: #williesugarcapps is going on a li'l ol' TOUR! You know that's going to be epic.


Played on Jamie Freeman's album last week---man, that was big fun at East Nashville's Skinny Elephant Recording, with Neilson Hubbard producing, Dylan Alldredge engineering, Michael Rinne on bass, Evan Hutchings on drums---just a wonderful three days making music! #jamiefreeman #americanauk


Shemekia Copeland's new album, "America's Child", continues to garner press raves and tons of Americana, AAA and Blues airplay---what a killer record...I'm humbled and honored to have taken part in it---along with heroes and heroines John Prine, Emmylou Harris, Rhiannon Giddens, Steve Cropper, Lex Price, Pete Abbott, Al Perkins, Paul Franklin, Gretchen Peters, Tommy Womack and Katie Pruitt!


Thanks for keeping up!

Peace & Love,


Collaborators! Texas!

August 7, 2018

The Kickstarter for my new album "I Like it Down Here" has reached its modest goal of $10,000. I like modest goals---I'm a small business, after all.

My next goal is to collaborate with at least as many partners and backers as I did with my one and only previous Kickstarter, "Sideshow Love"--- i had 401 backers for that project, and I felt like it was a total success---the album turned out just as I wanted, it made the top 20 on Americana Radio, the album got really great press and I got feedback from all over the world about how much people got out of it. In addition, Jimmy Buffett recorded my song, "Soulfully" on his "Songs from St Somewhere" album. All in all, a great sucess---congratulations to all you partners and collaborators.

This is why I want to equal or better the number of backers and partners for "I Like it Down Here"---there was never a better time to come together to make a little something positive---music that tells stories, carries on history, expresses love for humanity---and that's exactly what this collection of songs is: a love letter to my home, a true love story that spans generations, and true love is tough love. This album rocks and grooves. And tells a complicated story of soulful people doing their best---and sometimes ending up doing their worst---so I hope its an interesting group of stories as well. Lets get together and make this thing at least as successful as "Sideshow Love"! My goals include hiring the best PR---for promoting the album as well as tour dates---radio promotion---getting my packaging looking great---CD cover, Vinyl Album cover, as well as posters and digital artwork---manufacturing the highest quality CDs and Vinyl---not to mention great sounding digital download version of the record---and everything that goes with it.

Don't forget: when you back our project on Kickstarter---you aren't "contributing" or "helping me out"---you are a collaborator in the creation---and whatever you've signed up for --- whether its the download, CD, tee, hat, Vinyl Record, House Concert...all of the above...or whatever!---you have become by partner in this creation.

Thanks for sticking with me!

I'm in Texas this week!

August 9 - The Mucky Duck - Houston, Texas

August 10 - Ft Worth Live - Ft Worth, Texas

August 11 - Wyldwood Shows - Austin, Texas

check out my tour dates page for info and tickets!

I love this time of my life! Let's rock while we can rock.


Serenbe Georgia Tonight! Lots of News!

August 4, 2018

Tonight’s show in Serenbe #Georgia is only 25 miles from #Atlanta!  See you there:

The Kickstarter to get “I Like it Down Here” out into the world is on!  Consider becoming my backer, partner, collaborator here:

Great things going on!  Keep your eyes on this space—tell a friend, share a link, get into it, get involved!  I have Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram accounts—and I share content constantly!  

It’s crazy!  There are tour dates on the books, recording sessions planned, mixing, mastering, artwork, manufacturing…so much is going on—I hope you will take a minute or two from time to time in your own crazy busy schedule and keep up with mine!  

This new album is 100% inspired by my life as a Southerner from Lower Alabama, who moved to Nashville, who has traveled the world, but remained in the South—So this album celebrates the South, its characters, it’s places…and questions some of the juxtapositions that have always been here.  Definitely a love letter…with a touch of come-to-Jesus.  I can’t wait for y’all to hear it.  

Have you seen all the press for Shemekia Copeland's new album, "America's Child"? And it's on the charts on THREE radio formats: Americana, Blues and AAA! Amazing. The Chicago Tribune says, "Shemekia Copeland, the magisterial Chicago blues singer, comes on stronger, harder and wiser than ever in her incendiary new album, “America’s Child.”

Damn straight.

Thanks again for giving me a look-see.  Talk soon…see you in Georgia!


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New Lick of the Day!

August 3, 2018

I have posted a new Lick of the Day---

"Hey Trouble" the first song from my new album, "I Like it Down Here", to be previewed for Lick of the Day---I'm really happy about these new songs, this new album.

Consider becoming a Kickstarter Backer---

I need your collaboration and partnership to get this new album out properly and sounding as great as it can sound---in digital form, on physical CD and on high quality Vinyl!

Cheers y'all...thanks for keeping up with me!

I'll be in Serenbe, Georgia, tomorrow night August 4,---


The event is indoors, and only 25 miles from #Atlanta! Come on out!!!

Kickstarter! Shemekia! Cayamo! Georgia!

August 2, 2018

The new Kickstarter's first day has been fantastic! Getting towards that goal. Here is the link:

Consider backing this project. Be my collaborator and partner.

Shemekia Copeland's new record is tearing up the airwaves and the press is loving it! I was fortunate to get to produce "America's Child", to play on it, and to co-write some of the songs. It's a great album. I hope you love it too.

Cayamo Cruise announced the performers this week, and I'm delighted to tell you I am among them in 2019. I'll be performing with the great Emmylou Harris, with The Red Dirt Boys, and solo!

I'm playing Serenbe ArtFarm this Saturday August 4---it's indoors, so don't let the weather forecast hold you back! Only 25 miles from Atlanta---get out of town and come to this beautiful location for a great show.

OK---have a good one, thanks for taking a look at my new website---become a Kickstarter partner and let's get this record out RIGHT!



Kickstarter is Launched!

August 1, 2018

The new Kickstarter is now launched!! The link:

Super excited to collaborate with everyone on this new project: I Like It Down Here!

it's been a great week---Shemekia Copeland's new album, "America's Child" is getting tons of airplay at Americana, AAA and Blues Radio, as well as great press (superb reviews this week in the Chicago Tribune, American Songwriter, No Depression!)!

The Colorado Tour was amazing! Of course, The Rocky Mountains were in all their Summer glory; but the shows were the real star---gatherings of such cool people, such wonderful artists, such great friends. We loved it!

My recent show at The Shed Series in Birmingham was totally excellent! Thanks Axel and Susan! Also, I played a private event at the Existentialist Congregation in Atlanta---it was a blast! I'm glad I exist!

I'll be joining Emmylou Harris and Her Red Dirt Boys on the fabulous Cayamo Cruise this February! In addition, Cayamo has asked The Red Dirt Boys to play---and they've asked me to play solo as well...and our buddy Phil Madeira! Wow!

Thanks in advance for taking a look at my Kickstarter --- I hope you decide to be my collaborator on this labor of love!

One last thing---The day isn't even over, and it's been an amazing first day of this Kickstarter! Hooray! I'm grateful. And ready to get this album out into the world....See y'all at Serenbe Chatt Hills Georgia, this weekend!!

Peace & Love y'all!


Crowdfunding and Other Delights

June 21, 2018

So...I'm going to launch another Crowdfunding campaign this Summer...we did a sort of DIY project with the DADDY album "Let's Do This"...and thanks to all who made that work out so well!---but this one will be a more traditional campaign/project along the lines of what I did with "Sideshow Love". So needless to say I'm very excited about this---I can't wait to share what I'm working on ---- and I'm super excited to partner up with you all again and get this new collection, "I Like It Down Here", out into the world in the best way possible. I'm finally going to be on vinyl again, and this partnership between us all will insure that both the digital and analog verysions of this new album will be sounding killer. Cheers and all the best...see you in July...Will

On the Road Again!

June 20, 2018

I had a great tour through DC, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio!  Solo shows, DADDY shows, saw Ry Cooder, Jon Cleary, The Mulligan Brothers, Peyton Tochterman...good stuff!   Headed to Ireland tomorrow with my Mama, my wife and both daughters---man I'm excited to have my family together---family togetherness is so great!  When I get back I'm headed right back out for two shows w/ Emmylou AND Ry Cooder.  Wow!  Tanglewood and Mann Center, July 1 and 3---then I have shows w/ Willie Sugarcapps and Red Dirt Boys and a real nice Colorado tour in July---including all Cathe Steele's shows at Rancho Del Rio and Trapper Lake!  It's a great summer!  Be kind and remember, families together are the way it should be!

Welcome Back!

January 1, 2018

Welcome back to

It's been a minute.2017 was an eventful year, to say the least.  And 2018 has kept me busier than a one legged…you get the point.

I worked a a producer with the likes of Radney Foster, Jimmy Buffett, Shemekia Copeland, Steve Poltz and Kate Campbell.  I played a a whole slew of records, including Mary Gauthiers "Rifles and Rosary Beads" and Gretchen Peters' "Dancing With The Beast".  I toured with Emmylou Harris and the Red Dirt Boys.  

Brigitte DeMeyer and I released "Mockingbird Soul" --- Americana Radio loved the record, writers loved the record---best of all, fans loved it!

DADDY released "Let's Do This" and it has been hanging around the Top 40 of the Americana Radio Chart ever since.

Willie Sugarcapps is hanging in there like a hair in a biscuit---Grayson Capps and Sugarcane Jane are working excellent new releases---of course I hope Willie C Sugarcapps makes another album someday…we shall see…

My musical relationship with Emmylou Harris and the Red Dirt Boys continues…we'll be doing limited tour dates in 2018, but we will be out there somewhere, some time…meanwhile, the Red Dirt Boys have recorded an albums' worth of new songs!  Stay tuned for news about that.

OK - back to brass tacks - I've recorded a new solo album - that's right:  a Will Kimbrough record!  It's called "I Like It Down Here", named after one my favorite songs I've written.  The whole album is set in my home - the Deep South.  I've sought to capture the mood of the Deep South, the Gulf Coast in particular.  There' s a lot of hazy, beautiful light.  There are shadows, too.  I'm currently trying to pare it all down to the length of my favorite old records---I want "I Like It Down Here" to play like a classic LP record.  Working on it…

I'll be launching a Pledge Music campaign soon, too.  For all you friends who supported my Kickstarter Campaign for "Sideshow Love", and all you friends who supported my DIY pre-sale for DADDY's "Let's Do This"---this time I'm dipping into the Pledge Music thing.  I'm looking forward to it.  Very much.  

There are lots of live dates happening.  Of course, they are all here at  There will be continual updates about the new album and the Pledge Music campaign.  There will be blogs.  Enjoy.  Thanks for coming along for the ride.  Peace and love, y'all